November 19th, 2005

Whale fluke

Premature remuneration?

This week, I saw my paycheck flash before my eyes.

I’m still learning how to use my company’s on-line time card. So’s my supervisor, since she approves my time cards. I don’t think it’s very user-friendly. Neither does she. And on Wednesday, I found that she, while dealing with the website, had accidentally already approved my time card. With three days not on it.

We have two-week pay periods: 10 workdays each. Had I not caught this early enough, I’d get pay for seven. You’d miss three-tenths of your pay, wouldn’t you?

Thank goodness she got HR to reopen my timecard, so I could finish it (which I have!) and know that I’m stayin’ productive, gettin’ my pay, workin’ for my livin’, keepin’ my ass in pants as I say…
Whale fluke

I passed! I passed!

Good news for me and my car: earlier today I passed the bi-annual emissions test that the Department of Environmental Quality requires for cars in the Portland area. So now I have renewed tags good through November 2007.

Much better day than the last time I did the DEQ emissions test. That was January 2004. I did the test in the morning, went home, went to work that afternoon, and then learned that I was fired. First time in my life I got fired from a paying job. So I'm glad that there's no drama like that now.

Before the test, I treated myself to comics (back issues of Caitlin R. Kiernan's The Dreaming and Peter David's Fallen Angel) at Things From Another World in Milwaukie. My treat afterwards was from Krispy Kreme: a blueberry fritter and a really good key lime-filled doughnut.

In other news, beef jerky can get mold. I had some that my grandma Dorothy's caretakers had given me. I had been enjoying it. Now the mold is. So now the mold can enjoy that jerky in the trash.

Out later to watch the University of Oregon-Oregon State University football game. Play well, boys.