December 1st, 2005

Whale fluke

A good kind of tired

I'll be in bed soon, sooner than normal, after a good day:

Productive work day, fun reading (of all things, the novelization to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan I grabbed from a book-sharing shelf at work), a surprisingly entertaining and VERY crowded bus ride home (where I asked the driver, "Do you think we'd get a human wave attack if we opened the doors?"), some e-mails that made me very happy and laugh-y, a good if basic dinner (sometimes rice and a salad hit the spot, like tonight), and...

...a special delivery in my mailbox: CDs from Film Score Monthly! Good, dramatic, thundering 1950s film music, by both the genial Elmer Bernstein (the Paul Newman soaper From the Terrace) and the volcanic Bernard Herrmann, one of my favorite composers ever (represented here by the terror and beauty of On Dangerous Ground and the heaving sea music of Beneath the 12-Mile Reef). I've been listening, and also grinning at the musical audacity.

And now I'll sleep. (Next goal: post an LJ entry from bed!)