December 20th, 2005

Whale fluke

Gettin' Flashed

Lights. Purty. My office is decorated with ’em now. That was the project Keith and I – by virtue of being the tallest people in the office* – undertook yesterday and today. Also I brought in a little fake tree (an early Christmas present Mom dropped off at my home two weekends ago) that lights up when plugged in.

This is good. It turns out nearby offices (to paraphrase Office Space) had concerns about our “flair”: The staff had done a really nice string-of-lights a year ago, and people were missing it! Now they can see the ’05 version of it. Department head Roman especially likes it: she can stand in her doorway and survey the entire twinkly spread. Keith added joke signs as extra entertainment.

Yay! I can do seasonal decoration! Seriously, I usually forget to do it, but this October I got a pumpkin for my desk (and it’s still there; I drew on it instead of carving it). This is fun.

* Edited to Add: This is not to imply that I’m actually tall. I’m 5’7", medium height-medium-build. (I'm also not saying that my co-workers could easily work on the 7 1/2 floor of the Mertin Flemmer Building, either.)