December 22nd, 2005

Whale fluke

Scoring points by treating people like people

A treat today: my Spheris supervisor Audrey (not to be confused with my OHSU supervisors – yep, plural – Roman and David) drove up from her home office 30 miles away for one of our irregular shoot-the-breeze lunches. As most of our dealings with each are via phone or e-mail during work, we take these chances to be less formal, tell stories, learn about each other. Movies, music, and acting came up this time – she studied acting as a kid, which helped her to overcome major shyness – and she knows good work when it happens. (She enthused about Phillip Seymour Hoffman, a large man, convincingly playing the smaller-bodied Truman Capote in Capote.)

I’ll toot my horn about a good thing that Audrey emphasized today: our colleagues at our company’s Bangalore, India office are fans of me! They like that I’m conversational, positive and amusing in my e-mails with them, and that I don’t go nuclear over mistakes. I do this partly out of respect: I really don’t know if I could truly do a transcriptionist’s job, and I’m impressed by their ability to do so much transcribing so fast. And keeping them amused keeps me amused, and trust me: you want me amused. ;-)

I’ll keep that up; heck, today I pointed out how I go “tilt” mentally because we have a doctor with the same name as this guy – and, come to think of it, that guy and this other guy. Heh.