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"Dark Tower" gets some pub

USA Today has a front-page-of-Life article on the upcoming comic book prequel to Stephen King's The Dark Tower, hitting stands in February.

Another page features the Q&A with King where the article gets its quotes from.

Art from penciler Jae Lee is featured on both pages, and Lee, author Peter David and Dark Tower expert Robin Firth all get shout-outs from King. PAD represennnnnnnnnnnt! (I like the guy. Apparently, based on this, so does King.)

Correction: King started writing the series in 1970 (it took 12 years, on and off, for him to finish the first Dark Tower novel).

And words from King worth quoting: "Since there will probably never be a Dark Tower/Gunslinger movie, this is the next closest thing. And it's a hauntingly pretty thing, as it turns out."
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