Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Let the Sunshine Win

...I'm writing this mainly so I can use that title.

Weather in Western Oregon was, over the weekend, dramatic. High wind. Lots of rain. Especially on the Coast, though I wasn't there (but I know someone who is, and is having a blast. Metaphorically speaking. Metaphorical). Wind *can* get plenty strong over the Pacific, huh?

The rain ended in Portland yesterday, for now (FOR NOW), so I got outside for a bit (taking this set of pictures), but the clouds didn't seriously break until late afternoon. When I was in my bedroom, doors closed and window shade drawn, finally watching last week's amazing live TV performance of Jesus Christ Superstar. My bedroom is near the west side of the house, and when a door opened (passive voice intentional: I don't write about who else lives here without them giving their OK), and more sunlight than I'd expected came in through the crack under one of my doors.

Oh, there's sun? I thought.

And I paused the show to get up and confirm that yes, we were getting a clear sunset, which was nice.

It's sunny today in Portland after a cloudy start. The rain will be back tomorrow, though, so, in the meantime, if I want sun, I CAN GET OUT IN IT.

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