January 12th, 2006

Whale fluke

"We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please run screaming in ever-decreasing circles."

Oy. Oy and a half. Yesterday my company was beset by something tech going wrong, which caused dozens then hundreds of doctors' dictations to wait...and wait...and wait...to be sent to our transcriptionists. We're still catching up, but the continuity of work yesterday was blown by many of us (in Oregon, Virginia and India, at least) having to deal with it...and deal with it...and deal with it...

So. Not all that productive a day. And of course, I had actually said early on that it looked like it'd be a calm, catching-up-on-stuff day. Me and my big food-hole. As Stephen King once wrote, "Open mouth, insert foot, close mouth."

Thank everything, the system was working before the end of my workday. Looks like we're still catching up this morning, but it's looking manageable.