February 13th, 2006

Whale fluke

An omelet of an update (a bit o' this, a bit o' that...)

General miscellaneous whatever:

* Mom and Dad are now in Virginia! The snow there melted Sunday, the path was clear, and their grandkids Eric and Robbie were very happy to see them. Dad called me at work to let me know, so tonight I could go to the airport and pick up the Volvo without guilt.

* And they were just in time, too: Robbie's ear and throat work is scheduled for tomorrow. This'll include an MRI to find out exactly why he bled so, um, floridly when the doctors first tried to do his ear work. (The doctors think he has a blood vessel in a weird position in an ear. They'll find out tomorrow.)

* Tales of Me Being Hungry: At work today, someone asked a Salvador Dali fan in my office if he had "seen the Dali photos." I thought she'd said, "seen the deli photos."

* Posted Without Comment. Just look.

* Road trip this weekend! I'm aiming for one of two possible locations in Washington state. I'm itchin' for some drivin'.

* Damn, Lonesome Dove is an emotional novel. My reaction tonight to one character's death: Wow. That makes me really want to avoid death as long as I can.

* Today, maybe for the first time, I received Sacajawea dollar coins as change. And yes, I'll actually circulate them. It's two-dollar bills I hang onto...