February 23rd, 2006

Whale fluke

Today, it's Thursday! And hey, everybody, we're...

...Sure Happy It's Thursday!

(Who knows the reference? Anyone?)

I recovered from this morning. Seriously. I managed to get into an annoyed brood-y mood on the way to work, then started to (metaphorically speaking) back away from the mood, my arms held up in an I'm-not-gonna-hurt-you-so-don't-you-hurt-me gesture. Doing Napoleon Dynamite lines with Amber at the office helped my mood, too.

And then I was productive. And due to the magic of A) pop-culture references and B) e-mail, I even got one of my co-workers in the Remote office in Bangalore, India to recite the opening to the George Reeves Adventures of Superman. Harlan Ellison did once say that Superman was one of the universal characters...

My most recent productivity was getting Mom and Dad's Volvo to the airport, so it's ready once they arrive from Chicago. (I heard O'Hare closed tonight; that must have happened after they left.) I had a very quick trip home via the Airport Max and Bus Route 70.

And now dishes. I'm sure you were dying to know.