February 26th, 2006

Whale fluke

As is said on The Internets, O_o

Yes, Joe R. Lansdale is a good writer. I’ve finally had my first exposure to him. But maybe reading about the 1900 Galveston hurricane wasn’t the best place to start.

Oh dear.

(For the record, it’s a short historical novel called The Big Blow, and it came out in 2000, and it was impressive. And man, does that guy know how to build similes, like the destruction of the Galveston bridge: “The bridge came up on the waves a moment later, like a writhing spinal column. People clung to it. It leaped forward into the water, the end of it lashing the air like a dragon’s tail, then it was gone and the people with it.”)

(And also for the record, I’m going to be reading more of this guy’s stuff. He’s written many other things: fantasy, westerns, horror. He likes variety.)

(And also also for the record, the young woman working at the Fireside Coffee Lodge yesterday saw the book and told me, “Lansdale. Favorite, writer, ever.” So another strong recommendation…)
Whale fluke

FLASHBACKS: 6/30/2001: Long, long ramble on "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence"

Present-day note: After seeing A.I.: Artificial Intelligence in the summer of 2001, I found myself wanting to process in writing what bothered me about the film. This is the first time I’ve shown this piece to anyone. I basically describe the entire storyline, so Spoilers Abound, if you’re worried about such things…

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Whale fluke

Sweet dreams are made of cheese

Did I indeed make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich this morning?

Perhaps. Yes, perhaps I did.

The sharp cheddar, the pepperjack cheese with lovely hints of jalapeno, the smoked chipotle-flavored Tabasco, all combining in perfect melt-ed-ness between two fried-just-right pieces of rye... it's, say, magnifique!

I didn't do what Harlan Ellison calls the last step in making the perfect grilled cheese, which is to wrap the back half in a napkin so you can grab it without getting greasy, but I achieved the same result by using a knife and fork so my hands didn't pick up that smell. I've found another route to perfection!
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