March 2nd, 2006

Whale fluke


(Brain? Brain? *knock knock* Hello? *knock* Want to say what’s been going on? Get it out of your system? Hmm? *knock knock* No, you’re not too tired. You can wake up enough. Really. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle…)


Okay. But only ‘cause you asked nicely:

Office bull. Simple as that, really. To explain a little more, something annoying that, I believe, is based on SOMEONE ELSE’S MISTAKE had to happen right near the end of work Wednesday, and I was put on the spot in a way I found unfair. Don’t worry, I’ll deal with this and get us all straightened out, but after the confrontation (and yes, it felt like a confrontation, and an unnecessary one at that), I mumbled to myself, “Well, I WAS in a good mood before that…”

Grr. Argh.

Moods can suck out energy. As a moody Irishman, I’ve had much experience with that. Plus I ran errands after work, so more exertion, that time walking around downtown. So I was tired yesterday, and slept a needed sleep. Today I was still stewing a little bit, so I avoided talking to most people, for fear I’d snap at them. (Except David, who wasn’t at work Wednesday, so he was an easy exception to make.) I stay subdued. Now I’m venting just enough (I hope) to get past this and get something positive done as a result.

An annoying thing is that the office annoyance was the ONLY really annoying thing that’s happened lately, so I need to GET PAST THAT. Towards that end, here’s a list of The Good Stuff from this week:

* I got my postcard back from docbrite! And it was doctored in a way befitting Doc Brite…

* I got from the library a copy of the System of a Down CD Toxicity. Baritoned screaming was exactly what I was in the mood for last night…

* Borders had my copy of docbrite’s The Devil You Know!

* happyspector e-mailed me both a nice note AND a few of his short stories. More reading material!

* I’m sitting up, taking nourishment, and not getting sick.

Okay. There. Always look on the bright side of life – *whistles* – always look on the light side of life… – *whistles* –
Whale fluke


Sighted on my commute home: Mt. Hood, in a mostly clear eastern sky, in shadow, with wispy clouds hugging the peak.

It looked like the mountain had grown moss.