March 6th, 2006

Whale fluke

Tonight the part of I Me Mine will be played by Mike Russell

Duty called, and prevented Dawn's friend and good film observer Mike Russell from attending Dawn's Oscar party -- just as sleep calls me and prevents me from doing a write-up yet -- but the fruits of his labor were a live web log of the Oscars last night.

I want to be able to look at them again, and while they're currently available on this page of "Mad About Movies," I want to save a copy before it all disappears into the archived ether, so here are Mike Russell's words on the subject behind the cut:

Collapse )
(Copyright, trademark, quote-anonymously-upon-threat-of-flensing rights to all of the above ramblings by Mike "M.E." Russell! I'm not pretending to be the guy! He's a much better writer than I am!)