March 14th, 2006

Whale fluke


Full text of my E-mail to my off-site supervisor this morning:

- A Salutation

- A greeting and question of how one's existence has been occurring
- A mention of hope for the day being good and productive
- A joke, perhaps involving a mention of coffee

- A farewell (choose from "talk to you later," "See ya," "TTFN," "Don't
get run over," *fill in the blank*)

- Name of co-worker person who's writing this

Full text of reply received from that supervisor:

- A reply greeting

- A thanks for the hope and a return of same
- An appreciation of the joke, with a mention of the necessity of coffee
- An offer of assistance if needed

- A farewell (retro in feeling, as in "see you later, alligator")

- Name of coworker who is replying
Whale fluke

Not quite the Iron Chef

I made pasta sauce! A sort of pasta sauce. At the very least, a tomato sauce-based concoction that I poured onto spaghetti and ate and enjoyed.

I don’t have much of a kitchen, certainly it’s small and nothing fancy, but I’m trying to stretch and use it differently, use it better. And tonight I cooked leftover tomato sauce from the chili I made Sunday, sauteed up mushrooms (this should be my cooking slogan: When in doubt, sautee!), seasoned the sauce with pepper and garlic salt and some chipotle Tabasco, and cubed up pepperjack cheese and dropped that in.

It worked. I got properly fed. And I didn’t waste the leftover sauce! Yes! (I had used so little tomato sauce on Sunday because my previous batch of chili had had way too much tomato sauce, and was sweet. I have a sweet tooth, but NOT for sweet chili…)