March 17th, 2006

Whale fluke

(Temporarily) Bereft of Umbrella

The bad news is, in my extensive post-work shift wanderings today, I managed to leave my umbrella behind.

The good news is I know where it is, the people at the restaurant know that I know, and that umbrella is in safe keeping with my name on it (literally; there's a note).

Okay, backing up: I worked until about 5 o'clock, then walked off Pill Hill, counting my steps on certain stretches of road (using my mind, not my currently-wonky pedometer) and marking them down in a little booklet. At my stride, by the way, a quarter-mile is about 500 steps. (And by the way, the farthest I can walk in my studio apartment, from the corner of the bathroom to the corner of the kitchen, is 20 steps. NOT a big place.) I reached the Streetcar line at Portland State University, then walked along it until two streetcars, the first almost full, the second almost empty, rolled up.

I hopped on the second train and rode it to NW 21st (a.k.a. Trendy-First) Ave., then walked down to Cinema 21 to see if I could get advance tickets for Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted Animation Festival tomorrow night. I couldn't, but I can anytime tomorrow afternoon. I then stopped for dinner (pizza and a Caesar salad) at Pizza Schmizza.

Which is where my umbrella now waits, because I was a dumbass. It didn't even dawn on me I was umbrella-less until 30 blocks and two buses later.

I'll spare you the rest of my thought process: soon as I got home, I dug out the phone book and called, and was much relieved that my really, really nice and big umbrella is in safe keeping at a good place. And I was going back to that neighborhood tomorrow anyway, all works out!
Whale fluke

And now, a happy deed

A gift of mine has reached the gift-ee!

Matt Spencer, known (or who can be known to you) as happyspector, is the dude who's turned me on to the fiction of Robert E. Howard. Repaying the favor, and thanking him for letting me help to edit his second novel The Night and the Land, I made an Amazon order for him. He now has copies of Waterfront Fists and The Complete Action Stories, boxing and western yarns, often very funny, by Howard. At times he wrote them faster than magazines could print them! A lot of these stories, according to Matt, have been out of print until very recently, which is a great time to be an REH fan (except for his King Kull of Atlantis stories, which are still hard to get; you know the story behind that, Matt?); I knew he hadn't read those books yet, and I had borrowed them from the library and enjoyed them, so now his collection is bigger and more impressive. :-)

At the same time I ordered those, I ordered for myself a copy of Matt's first book, The Drifting Soul, so I can support him another way!

This is a good side benefit of earning more and not being in credit card debt: I have more room for gifts.

P.S. I love that when he was writing about profane sailors, Robert E. Howard would write out symbols and sounds instead of actual swear words: the sailors would say things like "You dashed blankety-blank diphthong!"