March 30th, 2006

Whale fluke

Bathroom with a View

I just returned from walking up six flights of stairs to go to the bathroom. Not that I HAD to, of course, but I had my reasons:

1) I need more exercise, and that's 320 steps round trip (yes, I've counted) that I can add to my daily walks, and heading up steps is value-added walking.

2) The bathroom is right across the hall from the top of the stairs, and has a nice view: East Portland that way, one of the under-construction OHSU buildings that way, and the LifeFlight helicopter landing pad over there.

3) I'm insane.
Whale fluke

Disconnect, then relief

I honestly did not expect journalist Jill Carroll to be okay after her abduction, let alone unscathed and calm. Score one on the good side. The way I found out, however, was when my clock radio went off this morning and – right away – I was hearing nothing but Arabic.

Not typical for Portland radio, you understand. Turned out it was the raw feed of Carroll’s first interview after being released, which the news broadcasting person then explained, but for that just-awake 10 seconds or so, I was dreamily thinking, “Wha…who’s broadcasting…is the signal wrong…”

But still, wonderful news.
Whale fluke

Ah, that's the stuff

We’re not quite to the best time of year for this, but I’ve done it anyway: left the windows open to enjoy the sound of gentle rain.

While wearing a sweatshirt, of course (my “Hollywood” one with the American flag that only has 12 stripes for some reason, though it does have all 50 stars!).