April 2nd, 2006

Whale fluke


No pranking got to me yesterday (and no, this is NOT an invitation to prank me now!); I drove to Dundee to see the folks, I think for the first time since Super Bowl weekend. Dad and I had a long talk related to finances – as I actually have money to think about now – and then we watched the Final Four. I wish I had seen some of the better, earlier games; mainly I felt bad for docbrite, who didn’t get to watch LSU come anywhere close to winning. On the more amusing side, Dad and I boggled at the ever-weirder Burger King commercials (I wondered what drugs that ad team’s using). “Big buckin’ chicken” is almost cheerfully evil as a slogan.

Mom got home later, and we all visited over dinner, and my eyes widened at some of my friends’ journal entries (can bad drama stop finding my friends, please? Please?). ‘twas an interesting day. I almost didn’t go home; as I reclined in the family room digesting my dinner I said “I don’t wanna move!” But I motivated myself home, and set my clocks ahead for Spring Forward before falling asleep into dreams of…hmmm. Can’t remember any; I can remember one from a few days ago, where I wandered around a surprisingly detailed dream version of Hermiston, Oregon. The dream also had explosions and William Shatner. Don’t ask me why.

Today has been errand-y: I drove downtown to the library, then back to S.E. for groceries. I also looked through a window into a new bar in the back of a neat old building, the Bagdad Theatre, where a former screening room’s been remodeled. It’s called the Back Stage, it has a seven-story-high ceiling, and it looks niiiiiiiice.

Now time for dinner and Passport Approved
Whale fluke

Food, glorious food

My inner justification for the dinner I just made, a throw-whatever-together mess of sauteed veggies and refried black beans on an oven-cooked tortilla to make kind of a vegetarian combo fajita/tostada:

“They’re calories. Calories with fiber in them.”
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