April 28th, 2006

Whale fluke

What's more American than buying an appliance?

It’s a combo TV/DVD player. And it’s in my place waiting to be hooked up.

One night over a year ago, I won $150 in gift cheque money at the Film Fanatic contest. I didn’t use any of the three cheques ($50 each, to keep things simple) until I used one to pay for Alicia’s train trip in October, and that was worth it. I tried using one for a ticket to Kris Kristofferson; the venue wouldn’t take it, so I paid via credit card, and that was worth it, too. (It was a good show!)

Tonight I finally used that remaining $100 to pay for part of the cost of this unit. It has a 13-inch screen, DVD/CD/CD-R/mp3 capability, and a remote. And now I’ll be able to watch movies in the privacy of my own room for the first time in years.

Yes, Dawn and Patrick, I can finally watch all of those DVDs you sold me...