May 3rd, 2006

Whale fluke

The siren song of "Mythbusters"

Minor dilemma. Potential pitfall to ponder. What Bloom County’s Oliver Wendell Jones would have called “a humdrum conundrum”:

I can watch too much TV. It’s possible again. I have my nice TV/DVD combo, and it fits perfectly in the small space I had for it (on top of a repurposed cofee table, in between my stereo equipment and my LP player).

While cable comes with my rent – yes, I’m paying for it, but didn’t use it for the first three TV-less years I lived here – I’m seriously considering keeping the coax disconnected. My point to getting this unit was to watch more DVDs, not to finally become an American Idol addict. (I’ve seen maybe a minute of that show on television as it’s broadcast.)

That said, now I know how addictive um, compelling Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel can be.

Don’t worry: I’m far from a apocalypsos-style whimper over this. I’ll try it both ways. I’ll see what I’m comfortable doing. I don’t want a repeat of when I realized I’d watched enough cable to recognize Adamari Lopez as she went from one telenovela to another…