May 4th, 2006

Whale fluke

Things that amuse-ify and/or happy-fy me

* The new ramp between the new hilltop OHSU building and the OHSU bus stop, with its giant sloping roof and the sawtooth quality of its steps, looks like a giant prehistoric whale's skull. Cool.

* I'm becoming a fan of "Greasy Kid's Stuff." It's a Portland-produced radio show featuring music that's both kid-friendly and offbeat: The White Stripes song about friends that's in Napoleon Dynamite, parodies like the "Psycho Killer" re-work "Psycho Chicken," lots of They Might Be Giants and Portland's own pirate band Captain Bogg and Salty, the epic "Happy Noodle Versus Sad Noodle"...and married co-hosts Belinda and Hova, who clearly have fun with each other and with their kid.

* Nellie McKay is my kind of evil. I'm listening to her first album a lot, some of it sounding all jazz-standard-like (think throatier Norah Jones) but then going into angry like the hip-hop song "Sari" or "It's a Pose" ("No, honey, it's your arrogance that makes you special"). (Edited to Add: Actually, this unofficial site is better; more informative.)

* Get Fuzzy made me laugh out loud yesterday. "Happy, happy, happy tree..." Oh, poor Satchel.

* Maw-widge. Maw-widge is what bwings us heaw to-dai... (Yep, that's the wedding-announcement web page for my longtime friend Tarah and her fiance John.)

* Making up words in my subject lines.