May 5th, 2006

Whale fluke

My joke takes solid form

From e-mail correspondance today between me and Co-Worker David (immortalized here) about whether I needed to have a dictation made STAT:

Me: It shouldn't need to be STAT'd. (Y'know, there should've been a 1970s TV medical drama called "STAT!")

David: There was.

Me: Oh my God, you're right.

Yep. 'twas a pilot that never went to series, and aired as a CBS TV movie in July 1973 (when I was three months away from being born). Richard Donner directed it, moving on up from directing "some of the better" Gilligan's Island episodes to directing The Omen and Superman and The Goonies and all those Lethal Weapon flicks that kept my man Michael Kamen employed...

Me, I just thought "STAT!" sounded right.