May 6th, 2006

Whale fluke

We are GO for donation start

My blood was good to go this morning. Yes, I donated for the first time since November, and I had enough hydration and water to make my blood flow out just fine, until the pint was in its bag and I was holding my arm up, pressing gauze onto where the needle had gone. (I mimed lighting a lighter and said “Rock on!”)

This was needed, beyond the it’s-good-to-give-blood necessity. Last time we had to abort the donation, because we couldn’t get good flow from my vein. That spooked me a bit. That, plus being busy, kept me distracted from donating blood for six months. But the worry that it would go badly again – when only once out of 11 donations had I had that problem – goes away after a session like this. Whatever happened that time, it hasn’t happened to me before and it hasn’t happened since.

I’d like to keep saying that.

After re-hydrating and snacking, I made use of the car for some errands: I stopped at Movie Madness Video to be sure I still have an active account (DVD rentals are in my future!), ate a smoked salmon bento at Toney Bento off of Hawthorne, and bought groceries. And, after this, I’ll nap.