May 16th, 2006

Whale fluke

One step closer

I’ve booked my flights to and from Virginia for next month. In a fit of “why not? It’s cheaper,” I decided on a red-eye for my flight out – which actually saves me over $250 on my total ticket price. I’ll leave the night of Tuesday, June 20th and arrive the next morning. Then, to simplify things on T.J. and Cindy’s end (i.e., keep them from having to juggle their morning schedules and their two 4-year-old boys), I’ll take a cab the few miles to their home where I'll be staying. Finally, my first getting-a-cab experience. This will be a day long remembered…

I’ll fly back the evening of Wednesday, June 28th. Tarah and John’s wedding is the Saturday in between my flight days. I’ll have three days of wedding events (the rehearsal dinner Friday, the post-wedding breakfast Sunday, and oh yeah, the wedding thing). I’ll have 8 total days out there. This is good. I had too short a vacation there back in 2004; I’ve kicked myself over that ever since.