May 25th, 2006

Whale fluke

The siren song of Sirenia (I gets reading material!)

So I'm a fan of paleontologist-turned-author Caitlin R. Kiernan (known 'round these here parts as greygirlbeast), and I've been itching to subscribe to her online writing project Sirenia Digest. I, however, have not. Not yet. This is because...

(Warning to tanuki_green: What I'm about to admit might cause you to have a heart attack...and not in the good, gorgeous-high-profile-babe-naked-in-front-of-you-saying-"Take me, Tanuki!" way...) home computer is old and fussy, and it has yet to allow me to open a darn .pdf file. (It's old and fussy enough that tanuki_green and his wife copperwise and I were making jokes at its expense at dinner two weeks ago.) And Sirenia Digest is sent as a .pdf.

But the power of asking a question is powerful indeed. I asked Caitlin if the vignettes could be sent as simple text files for those of us who are (in Gary Larson's phrase) "mechanically declined."

And she said sure.

Yes! So soon I shall subscribe, once her girlfriend humglum tells me how we'll arrange this. So I'll get a monthly dose of Caitlin writing, she'll get a monthly dose of my subscription money, and I'll continue supporting her and her work.