June 2nd, 2006

Whale fluke

Winding down

There's a midnight showing tonight at the Bagdad (my former neigborhood's theater) of James Cameron's Aliens. Though it's the only Alien film I haven't seen in theaters, a problem I must rectify someday, I have a higher priority: sleep. I'm road-tripping tomorrow to Eugene: my friend Alicia is having a special event with family and friends that afternoon.

Alicia and I, we've known each other for 10 years now. We were a couple for a year and a half of that. We're better as friends.

Nice to have the weekend and be healthy for it. Especially since Monday (a holiday) and Friday (usually a slow day) wound up being really busy days at work. Time to take advantage of the break...

January 2011 note: So that screening was almost my first time going to a Cort and Fatboy Midnight Movie, back (I think) when they really did start the films at midnight. (They moved up the start times to 11:00 to keep the Oregon Liquor Control Commission a little happier.) I didn't start going to those until Goodfellas in October 2007. Turned out this Aliens screening, however, was a famously bad one: obnoxious drunk people heckled the film (how dare it have quiet and slow moments! How dare James Cameron have a sense of pace!) and heckled it badly. Since then Cort and Bobby have made their audiences better behaved, so these screenings go better. So maybe it was good that this wasn't my first experience with their screenings.
Whale fluke

Brayn Ded

Tired. Sleep now. Amused that I ended the evening with both Nellie McKay swearing (in her song "Sari") and WWE wrestlers sweating (hey, "Smackdown!" was in Portland this week! I gotta represent!).

Books and mags and CDs are stacked for loan-age tomorrow to Ms. Alicia. I'm her lending library.

Random now. REALLY must sleep.