July 2nd, 2006

Whale fluke

How to slate my Sleater-Kinney keen-ness?

You probably wouldn't be surprised that when I get tired, I repeat myself. And the last week's journal entries have a leeeettle bit of repeating-myself to 'em...

It eased the transition, only having to work Friday, then getting more time off this weekend. I will work tomorrow (to catch up on my backlog, of course, and to straighten out a time card problem), but I'll take the 4th as a holiday, maybe go down to the Waterfront Blues Festival. The important thing is, I'm feeling caught up and rested.

In oh-well news, adopted Portland band Sleater-Kinney will be going on indefinite hiatus in mid-August. It's apparently not an acrimonious-break-up sort of end (and thank God, it's not because of anything wrong with Corin Tucker's voice after all that strong singing for the past 11 years), but darn; I like the band a lot and was happy its members moved to Portland (they started in the Olympia, Wash. music scene). I've seen Sleater-Kinney in person once, in August 2001, at a club called the B Complex (now Loveland). I'll kick myself if I don't try to get into their last Portland show. (For my reference: It's Friday, August 11th at the Crystal Ballroom; tickets aren't on sale yet).

yendi! If you and yours do manage to get to Boston this month, then there's still a chance for you, too: Sleater-Kinney will play twice in the Northeast, on July 31st at Philly's Starlight Ballroom and on August 2nd at New York's Webster Hall. (Links are on the Show/Tour Info page of S-K's site.) If this is just cruel dangling in front of you, I apologize; I can only imagine how hectic it is for y'all right now. (And thank you, shadesong, for the lesson in NOT saying "I know from experience"! No, I really don't know how nuts things are for you, but I know I don't know, y'know?)

And if you're curious, here's a good Portland Mercury article from last year about what it was like for Sleater-Kinney to make their most recent album.