July 23rd, 2006

Whale fluke

Remember: sweating is good

Quiet day. I retrieved my fan from the basement for the first time since three summers ago to get a little circulation. I watched the DVD of March of the Penguins: quite sweet and almost surreal, if a little melodramatic at moments for my taste. (The original French version made the penguins into characters, even giving them their own dialogue!) I also appreciated the behind-the-scenes doc about what the filmmakers went through -- I guess I could relate to that a little easier -- and, hey! It had a Merrie Melodie short with Bugs helping a penguin! Woo hoo! Thank you, Alicia, for letting me borrow it.

OK, weather outside, you can cool down now...

No review of Clerks II beyond what I said already. I read some interesting Kevin Smith interviews (thank you, robyn_ma), plus a bit of an explanation of why Smith dislikes my guy Peter David so much (last item on that page, "The Battle of the Bulges" ('cause both Smith and David are large guys)). Issues with a couple of his "blind spots" aside (he really can go from being a nice, laid-back guy to being a jerk if he dislikes something), I could read Kevin Smith interviews for hours.

Weather? You heard me? Oh well, in 12 hours I'll be in my office and too cold. ;-)