July 28th, 2006

Whale fluke

Elfman goodness

Danny Elfman's concert work Serenada Schizophrana has been recorded for an October 3rd CD release. One more CD I want!

This is the piece that got Elfman onto NPR last year, and is one of the good things to happen to him recently -- among the other nice things of falling in love with and marrying Bridget Fonda (Edited To Add: Oh never mind about the link. I've tried two only to get the "403 Forbidden" message when I click on 'em. Google her your own selves!), and then having a kid with her. And it's a nice antidote to his more recent annoyances, like the hellish and obnoxious production of Spider-Man 2 (which is why he's said he'd go back to bussing tables before scoring Spider-Man 3) and getting mad enough at the producers of Nacho Libre that he had his name taken off of that film.

Here are photos from the CD recording session.

Go Elfman!
Whale fluke

Well, I am a dumbass (when Monday=Friday)

Yes, it's possible to repeatedly hear the word "Monday," "Monday," "Monday Monday, can't trust that day" and think the person saying it means "Friday."

My dad has an appointment at my hospital, and beforehand I'm going to show him around. But his appointment is MONDAY (Monday, darn it!), and even though he told me this repeatedly I didn't get it. I waited around at our proposed meeting place today until I realized something was up, then (after some discreet inquiries and leaving a phone message at my folks' place) I decided his appointment had been cancelled, when it was never for Friday in the first place!

We're straightened out now, though. Things are cool. Dad called me after I left a message and deadpanned (he's good at deadpan) "Boy, I hate it when my son knows more about my schedule than I do..."