July 29th, 2006

Whale fluke

"I have a plan, and it's so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel."

Cool: Today's Merriam-Webster Word of the Day is delate (dih-LAYT).

And the example of the word is from a sentence about Black Adder.

And the example makes Black Adder sound SERIOUS. Seriosuly. I'll quote: "In that year Archbishop Blackadder of Glasgow delated some thirty heretics to James IV who let the matter go with a jest." (J.D. Mackie, A History of Scotland)"

(For those of you who have NO FLIPPIN' IDEA what I'm carrying on about, look here. My favorite part of that might be "Described by his father as 'an embarrassing little weed...'"

Edited to Add: Oh, there was a real Archbishop Blackadder of Glasgow, and HE'S who the example refers to. But a real-life person named Blackadder just makes me happy, so this stays up...
Whale fluke

Technology = Brilliant!

This I found out last week when Tarah (she of the new marriage) wrote me about my photos of her wedding:
We were very excited to see them when we returned from China -- and we actually got to see some of them BEFORE we returned because my dad used the photo cd to email some to us and we viewed them in the car on the way to the Great Wall of China!
My photos got viewed on nearly the other side of the world. Cool.
Whale fluke

Meet Blerk!

I have finally decided on a mood icon, y'all.

It's Blerk. (Or maybe it isn't, but I made that sound and it sounds right as a name.)

Say hi, Blerk! (Imagine Blerk waving)
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Whale fluke

Oh, and for those of you wondering why I'm Mr. Happy-Posting this morning...

...I'm suffering along with reading the entries of two people doing Blogathon '06.

It just started an hour and so ago. It's 24 hours of posting entries (once every half-hour for twenty-four hours). It's for charity. shadesong is supporting the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. slipjig is supporting the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission. I'll be writing checks to both organizations when all this is done.

Meanwhile, there's reading to be done!
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Whale fluke

Sooj, Glorious Sooj

First, some Out-Of-Context Theater from last night:
Me: The red is NOT his nose!
copperwise: Oh, you’re evil.

No context for you. That’s why it’s Out-Of-Context Theater!

Last night my fellow fans of s00j reached the house of coffeeinhell and Patrick to hear her in the intimate setting of a living room. Sooj was often silly in the show, singing songs she’d learned about monkey attacks and imaginary crocodiles, and as usual she got to be funny between songs, but then she could also get us emotional. Seriously, this woman is a talent. She’s showing that talent this weekend at FaerieWorlds, in the woods west of Eugene (anywhere near where the Oregon Country Fair happens each June? Can anyone answer that?). She’s including her new talent of walking on stilts.

Ahhh, it was a satisfying time, and I really wanted that after yesterday’s work shift. The workday hadn’t been as satisfying as it could have been, and when tanuki_green picked me up to go to Sooj’s show, I told him “I’ve felt ‘off’ today. So time to get back ‘on’!” Hanging out with the Portland smartasses I’ve met via LJ really helped that. So did the Dr. Pepper and potato bites Tanuki bought me at Arby’s on our way to the concert. I got to meet Eric D. Snider, a good local writer and film critic who’s friends with Dawn, and “Inky,” Sooj’s friend and partner-in-crime. Here’s a photo of the both of ‘em. Sooj is on the right, “Inky” on the right. As all of the attendees are Princess Bride fans, we were amused when Sooj called “Inky” her “brute squad.” “The 5-foot-2 brute squad!” she replied.

After the show, I finally presented to Sooj and her boyfriend ’K the prints and photo CD of the pictures I took of her coffeeinhell house concert way back in February. I gave them verbal permission to use them as they see fit (I hope some go up on-line). In a couple of days they will also get prints and a CD of the pics from last night.

Oh, and last night, for the second time in my life, someone suggested I adopt the nickname “Sparky.” I have no idea why this has been suggested even once, let alone twice.
Whale fluke

And after not-enough sleep...

…I woke up right before 6 this morning and got the computer up and running, to monitor what shadesong and slipjig (and one other LJ’er who I’m watching while pondering whether I can afford to donate to that person’s cause) put on their journals. I’ve been a commenting fool today. Let’s see: actually I’m not sure how many comments I’ve posted on these journals, but I’ve gotten 18 Blogathon-specific replies, and not every comment of mine gets a response, so…two dozen? More than that? Very likely. Comments get more important as it gets late (all the ‘thonners I’m reading are on the East Coast, where it’s now almost midnight), so I’ve gotten some decaf tea in me to give a boost and keep talking to ‘em into the later hours.

I did get out today, though, too. I drove to Freddy’s at about 1 o’clock to drop off my photos of s00j’s show, then I went to the Future Dreams comic shop on East Burnside. The store is having a moving sale – it apparently got kicked out of its current building very suddenly, but the owners have found another shop a couple of blocks farther west – and I got various books and comics, as well as a Buddy Christ bobblehead. Six or seven fewer things for the owners to move to the new place! I bought groceries after that, then hightailed it home to get back on-line, where I’ve been ever since. With dinner as well. Food: very important. Me likes the food. (It was pork and a salad, in case you need details.)
Whale fluke

My soundtrack

Jeez, reading Blogathon is tiring on its own, and I'm not even doing the write-48-entries-in-24-hours thing.

So I've gotten out the keep-me-awake music. Movie scores, so far: Alan Silvestri's score to Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and, now, Elmer Bernstein's score to Ghostbusters. Dramatic with over-the-top fantasy action seemed...right.

Now if only the Blogathonning people could hear it too.

Blogathon. It needs a song:
It is on!
'Tis a writing marathon!
Words, many words, are its
sine qua non!
Not by swans!
Sri Lanka was once Ceylon!
The verge of sleep or psychosis is what we're all upon!