July 30th, 2006

Whale fluke

“And from that day forth, everyone – mm, who had a talent for it – lived happily ever after.”

Wow. I was a Blogathon reader for twenty-one hours yesterday. I finally cried “uncle” (not literally) soon after 3 a.m., after making a donation to the blog of a friend of shadesong and slipjig named zarhooie. She’s raising money for Heifer International, an organization that gives farm animals to people who have the environment to raise them but not the means to get them in the first place. I sponsored a flock of chicks for $20.

I’ve supported three people and their causes through Blogathon this year. And just as important, I stayed with them for almost all of it, commenting and joking and making random comments and once even bursting into cheers. (Scroll down to see my contribution.)

And now I’m actually going to take a bit of a nap. Alert the media.
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Whale fluke

Less loopy. Here's why.

The "bit of a nap" turned into more than two hours, even with the big main light in my apartment lit throughout. I moved in kind-of-slow motion after getting up, so no, it hasn't been a jam-packed day. I have gotten out of the apartment; this afternoon I drove to Dundee to visit with my folks and to do laundry (which just buzzed the "Done!" buzzer), and have dinner later.

News flash: There's difficult stuff in the second half of Poppy Z. Brite's novel Soul Kitchen. It's a very good book, but be ready: bad things happen.

I want to sleep well tonight...I want to sleep well tonight...

P.S. OK, how many times did I say "loopy" last night? I don't wanna know.