August 2nd, 2006

Whale fluke

Jedi Hobbit

Well, to quote the great Fred Willard, "'Ey, Wha' 'appened??!"

A disjointed night's sleep's wha' 'appened, that's wha': I'm positive I turned off my bedside lamp last night, but either I didn't or I turned it back on at some point, because I opened my eyes around 4:30 and yep, there's light right next to my head, and I don't sleep as deeply when that's happening. I did sleep, and had a detailed dream where I was watching a film with Sean Astin as, um, Sam Gamgee, Jedi Hobbit. Partnered with Samantha Mathis, so, hey, there was cuteness, too, and there also was, of all things, the pocket watch from Harlan Ellison's "Paladin of the Lost Hour." (Here, the big significant thing is that Mathis was able to set the clock back, and if you've heard that story, you know why that's significant.) My dreams are involved, y0.

But great, this could mean more loopiness today, at least until I get myself fed and, to a certain extent, caffeinated. Not too caffeinated, mind you, because my body and caffeine have a kind of contentious relationship.

In nicer news, tanuki_green drove past my building last night so I could drop off my pictures of Sooj's concert, so those are on their way to Sooj and 'K. Yay!
Whale fluke

At least I'm not a boy named Sue

On the one hand, Tropical Storm Chris is gaining strength.

On the other hand, this bit of Chris business made me smile. From today's Get Fuzzy Scratch-A-Day Calendar:
Rob Wilco: So Chris the zookeeper seemed pretty nice.
Satchel Pooch: Yeah! He gave me Fig Newtons!
Bucky Katt: Nice? Psssh.
Rob: Chris isn't your kind of guy, eh?
Bucky: Let's just say this Chris was 100% opposite from me.
Rob: One might even go so far as to call you the Anti-Chris.
Bucky: That's correct.