August 5th, 2006

Whale fluke

If to rhyme becomes a crime, then I shall switch to pantomime

I rhyme. Everywhere and everywhen. (Surprised that my favorite Princess Bride character is Fezzik?) On a paper I was filling out while preparing a donation to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (the charity funded by shadesong's Blogathon '06 efforts), I put next to my personal info

Donated by

And then, below, next to my explanation that I was donating on behalf of 'song, I added

Donated! Why?
Whale fluke

I give good message.

Tarah and I visited via phone this afternoon; it's the first time we've talked since the day after her wedding. She told me about her and John's China honeymoon (seeing the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, sailing through the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River before those areas flood behind the Three Gorges Dam), enthused about the wedding photos she's about to get from both me and the professional photographer, and told me this:

When she visited her parents recently, they told her there was a message for her on their answering machine. She noticed there were six messages saved. Five of them were from me, from the last two months. She said her folks were so glad to get messages that weren't from soliciters or telemarketers that they saved them! Plus it had an amusing cumulative effect, for Tarah to listen to all of them at once.

Oh yeah, they like me.
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Whale fluke

The Long Walk to The Long Walk

Good way to spend this evening: I walked, first to a Burgerville (cheeseburger with carmelized Walla Walla sweet onions), then up to Division where a bus pulled right up in front of me -- yay for unplanned good timing! -- which I rode to 39th before walking up to Hawthorne. I took care of a purchase mixup at Fred Meyer, then went to Powell's on Hawthorne and bought a couple of books I want to pass along to Alicia.

One of them: a used copy of the original omnibus edition of Stephen King's The Bachman Books, including my personal favorite of those, The Long Walk.

A long walk to The Long Walk. That's almost elegant. (Heck, it could practically be a mantra.)