August 17th, 2006

Whale fluke

The loss of a punster

Frank and Ernest creator Bob Thaves has passed away from respiratory failure at age 81.

I'm an inveterate clipping-clipper, and his strips were especially clipping-worthy. SCENE: a theatre; an actor has suddenly fainted, and when his co-star yells, "Is there a doctor in the house?!" a doctor declares, "At last: a chance to cure a ham!" SCENE: Frank trying to get Ernest not to use something from the book Snappy Comebacks while in Hell meeting Satan. SCENE: Frank says, "This book, Moby Dick; can you tell me what it's about?" Ernest answers, "Sure. Sail tale. Frail male fails, pale whale prevails." I remember making a pun to a college friend who said, approvingly, "You probably like Frank and Ernest." Word.

Sounds like he was a good guy, too, trained in psychology and an avid reader.

Thank you for doing what you did, Mr. Thaves.
Whale fluke


With technical difficulties and other annoyances plagueing the office yesterday, and with me kind of wanting to go back to bed this morning, I have vowed to get a better start.

The start of that start: happy music! I'm listening to the score to the 1990s film version of Much Ado About Nothing: very exuberant and pretty music by good man and professional Brent Spiner look-alike Patrick Doyle.

Let's keep up the good.
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Whale fluke

'Cause I know you're dyin' to know, y'know.

(written on a break)

Musically, have moved on from Patrick Doyle (no, Mom and Dad, not our former neighbor) to The Clash's London Calling (I love that there can be a punk song about Montgomery Clift).

On deck for later listening: John Barry's score to You Only Live Twice and Danny Elfman's score to Forbidden Zone.

Music. Good. (Too much of my mind is still on work to be more profound-er than that.)