August 21st, 2006

Whale fluke

Movie Meme: the Quoting Sensation That's Sweeping the Nation

(borrowed from robyn_ma)

Let’s paraphrase: Choose 16 films you find amusing/memorable/whatever. Choose a line from each. Bold the lines when someone guesses them correctly and credit the guesser. Can do!

Edited To Add: Alright, here’s one more line from each of the non-guessed films to make it easier...and by the way, the title of one of the films is quoted in the quote.

8/27/06 Edit: To feel more complete, I'll put in the names of the films that never got guessed.

* “This is absolutely dreadful! Never before have I been in such a disastrous rout! I’m usually on the winning side!”
“They call me their midgit down here. I love it. It’s bliss.” The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

* “You’re going to end up where your kind always ends up: in a seven-by-seven-foot gray-green metal cage on the fifteenth floor of some hundred-year-old penitentiary, with damp, stinking walls and a wooden plank for a bed.”
“You know, Friday, we’re allowed to go 55...On some occasions, even faster.”
Dragnet '87, as sussed out by leonardpart6

* “We have one of their brains now.” Starship Troopers, guessed by greyaenigma

* “All right! Get in your last licks! But this will heal! What I’m about to say can never be erased. It will haunt you for the rest of your life! Ready? Here it is. You’ll never make more than 19,000 dollars a year! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”
“(sotto voce) Please laugh so I won’t look like I’m dying inside but had enough style to say something funny.” Broadcast News

* (singing) “A boy, and his dog, can go fishin’…”
“Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy...” A Boy and His Dog

* “So what’s a nice Jewish boy like you doing in the sixth dimension?” docbrite correctly guessed Forbidden Zone

* “Kind of felt bad for the horse.” The 40-Year-Old Virgin, correctly guessed by setsuled

* “There’s definitely a very slim chance that we will survive.” Ghostbusters! greyaenigma got it.

* “Put, the glasses, ON! Put ‘em on!” They Live, at the conclusion of the longest wrestling match in movie history, as correctly guessed by greyaenigma

* “We hope you have enjoyed our programming, but more importantly, we hope you have enjoyed life.”
“Now was that civilized? No, clearly not. Fun, but in no way civilized.” Gremlins 2: The New Batch

* “Your mom puts license plates in your underwear? How do you sit?” Real Genius, according to greyaenigma...and he's right!

* “This sucks more than anything has ever sucked before.” Beavis and Butthead Do America (c/o greyaenigma)

* “The most hideous man alive!”
“It’s Mummy! She’s terribly hurt!” Heavenly Creatures

* “There you are: one dollar.” Trading Spaces (OK, you KNOW I meant Trading Places; must have been distracted by thoughts of Paige Davis), guessed by greyaenigma

* (rhythmically) “I think that my friends can see that I am back from Boise.”
“It will be just, one, big, party, won’t it?” My Own Private Idaho

* “She wore was wearing a white dress…” (ETA: I had it misquoted)
“Here is a man who stood up. Here is...” Taxi Driver