August 30th, 2006

Whale fluke

Size Does Matter

Re-unearthed via the good people of Metafilter: a website comparing the sizes of vessels from throughout science fiction.

When I saw this site a few years ago, I started picturing Imperial AT-ATs as if they were walking the tarmac of an airport, past 747s and terminal buildings. I've looked at airports often over the years, though not as much after 9/11 when lots of airport lookouts and observation decks closed, and that helped with the reality of those vehicles.

And hey, fellow Star Wars fans: am I the only one who ever imagined what would happen if the Imperials and the Rebels showed up in our world, so you might really see those AT-ATs marching towards our cities?
Whale fluke

Useful skill

So co-worker Sherry asked me about a note I'd left for her, because she didn't remember what it was about and couldn't glean that from the note. I refreshed her memory. She thanked me for explaining. I replied, mock-boastingly, "I can translate myself!"
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