September 1st, 2006

Whale fluke

Adventures in waiting

(set to the tune of "Bus Stop") Cross walk, I wait, cars go, no brakes, they want me as rooooad-killll...
So I was walking home tonight. I needed to cross Milwaukie Ave., so I stopped at a crosswalk and waited. While cars didn't stop. (Which drivers are supposed to do by Oregon law.)

And then one northbound car did.

And then other cars didn't.

Southbound cars kept going. One northbound driver drove around the stopped car as if that driver thought the stopped driver was turning left (never mind she didn't have her turn signal on). Then one southbound car did stop. I started to walk, I waved to that driver and said "Thank you..."

...and then I stopped when another northbound car went around Ms. Stopped, apparently also believing the "she must be turning left" belief, and oblivious to me.

"No-thank you," I said, gesturing towards that driver (no, I just pointed, nothing more gesture-ous). The stopped southbound driver made a "can you believe it?" gesture herself. Then I turned to the driver who'd been nice enough to stop in the first place -- I saw her shrug -- and I added, "But really, thank you."