September 2nd, 2006

Whale fluke

More actual content later. Meanwhile...

...yet another example of the Work of Mike "M.E." Russell that makes me like the guy:
Tonight on "Cort and Fatboy":

Thursday night, 10 p.m.: I drive to the outskirts of Portland to catch the only preview screening of The Wicker Man.

Thursday night, 10 p.m.: Eric D. Snider drives to a locked mall to catch the only preview screening of Crank.

Friday night, 6:15 p.m.: We compare notes.

One of the movies is entertaining. The other features Nicolas Cage fighting a pagan cult in a bear suit.
Whale fluke

Why yes, I would like some cheese with my whine

No Alabaster. Grr. Other people I know who ordered it have gotten it, but still the book eludes me! Eludes!

I even waited for the postal delivery guy to show up today, and I asked him if he had it (never mind that it's not as if my asking would magically make it materialize in his satchel, but I could hope, huh?). Maybe if it doesn't arrive by Tuesday I'll ask at the post office. It's a beautiful book by one of my favorite authors (Caitlin R. Kiernan, who just added to her coolness by laughing long and hard at Snakes on a Plane), and I wants it. Wants it wants it wants it!

...Ooo. I could throw a tantrum. That'd be good exercise.
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Whale fluke

But in much better news...

* I hung out at Dawn and Patrick's yard sale (not held indoors like it was last time, because the weather was summery and not wintry), visiting with them plus mutual friend copperwise and D&P's pet pit bull Bella. Who assaulted me. With her tongue. When I say "a pit bull licked me," I mean literally.

* I was able to keep up in witticisms with three very smart, funny people during said yard sale (though I had a moment where I told myself, "Dude, you're trying too hard; don't try too hard"). That helps me in my feeling-more-adult campaign. (Next step: be smart and funny with women I can actually date!)

* I have the funds to function. Money is good, when used for good. And yes, I believe I've been using mine for good.

* I can donate blood again. I've just passed the eight-weeks-since-donating threshold. (Seriously, this is a good thing. Now I meed to arrange the draw...)

* P.J. Harvey's album Is This Desire? is growing on me.

* I know of happy people with a happy cat. I also know of Alicia, who's caring for a cat, but I have no photos of Colby to post to, and what good is cat-spam without actual images of a cat?

P.S. to tanuki_green: Please don't mind the piling-on we committed on you when you called copperwise and we started teasing you. I joined the teasing. I actually ain't the most experienced teaser, as probably evidenced by my saying now that I hope it didn't go too far. Trust me: we tease you because we like you!