September 6th, 2006

Whale fluke

Thinking of you, blubeagle and shadesong

Today, two of my e-friends head to the hospital.

blubeagle is headed to Cleveland for a CT scan. shadesong is headed to an Atlanta hospital, for an intensive study of her brain. (She's described her brain issues in great detail on her journal, so I won't try to paraphrase. If you want to know, click on shadesong's name.)

Meanwhile, I have a request...

Forces That Be? Yeah, I'm talking to all y'all. Protect their brains, OK? Keep them good, strong, working brains. Also, let their bodies and their brains be on speaking terms; make sure they keep working together. To quote The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (one of my favorite films of my life), "Their heads and their bodies don't always see eye to eye..."
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Whale fluke

And now, music

For my music selection today, when two people I know are going to the hospital, I decided not to play anything too harsh. So, the CDs on my desk are Mark Knopfler's Sailing to Philadelphia, Tori Amos's Scarlet's Walk (since I know both shadesong and blubeagle like her), Johnny Cash's American V: A Hundred Highways (probably the gentlest of Cash's final albums), and -- out of deference to shadesong -- no Beatles.

Oh, and like in the Hitchhiker's Guide game, I have: no tea.
Whale fluke


I felt a little listless at work today. I worked fine, I got stuff done and was helpful and all that, but I didn't feel all that engaged and the day felt long. I'm not even sure what made my day not go so well. Okay and oh well, there are days like that.

And afterwards, to recover, I've gotten treats. I let myself be decadent and get a burger with jalapenos (there, that's my bi-annual Carl's Jr. meal!). I also picked up at the library the DVD of the music videos by director Michel Gondry, who's knocked me out multiple times in multiple ways, most notably with his movies Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (though the one thing that makes it hard for me to watch that film is that Elijah Wood's jerk character reminds me a bit too much of the boss who fired me; on the other hand, the film has stunning dream imagery and stunning/dreamy Kate Winslet, so it more than balances out; oy, this parenthetical is getting long) and Dave Chappelle's Block Party. (I had quick thoughts about that film here.) And I have new-to-me Caitlin words waiting for me whenever I wish to read them,'s to the good...
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