September 9th, 2006

Whale fluke

Bits 'n' bobs (but no boobs, bub)

Covered ground today. Oh, I should clarify: much ground.

Today my family once again played a game of Musical Cars: Mom picked me up this morning, we drove to visit my grandmother at her assisted living house in Far Southeast, and then went to Mom and Dad's place 30 miles from here so I could pick up a car I'll leave for my Aunt Nancy, when she flies into Portland from Guam on Thursday. Got that? We do this a lot, to make it more convenient for family members to get in and out of the airport. With me readying that car, my folks got in another car with Uncle Greg and Aunt Peg, and headed to Seattle for tonight's Mariners game. I drove the car back, stayed home long enough to drop off stuff and send an e-mail, then hit the road again.

Library errands were next, followed by a treat for dinner (strips of London Broil with a side of beer-battered onion rings at Virginia Cafe downtown), then stopped at Pioneer Courthouse Square to buy the just-now-available CD "KINK Live Nine." My collection continues to be complete! These are good CDs of live music performances, with all of the albums from #3 on raising money for Start Making A Reader Today, a program which is several kinds of worthy. I didn't stay for the concert: I wasn't as keen on the lineup this year (previous years have had Tears For Fears, Tori Amos, Soul Asylum, Anna Nalick and Five For Fighting), plus I wanted to get home to prepare to cover even more ground tomorrow.

Yes, I'll be roadtripping: up the Columbia River Gorge to the Maryhill Museum of Art.

Nice thing sighted on the road today: a license plate reading FRODO B.

Not-nice thing sighted on the road: the guy in the pickup behind me who honked at me for not turning left...when, um, I couldn't turn left because a car was turning left off the main road right in front of me. I had one of those moments where I wondered what would happen if I showed my annoyance with him by shutting off the engine, getting out of the car, locking the door and walking away down the sidewalk: You're annoyed you're held up? Here's another holdup! But I didn't want to risk getting run over or shot, so, no. Just imagined it.

I rest now.