September 14th, 2006

Whale fluke

I must ponder this

As a geek, I think things like:

Peter Jackson is a geek.

Samuel L. Jackson is a geek.

What sort of thing would result if they were both on the same project? That'd be two geek tastes that taste great together!

Ponder this, I must. Ponder this, you may: I'm too un-awake to give this the proper geek pondering it deserves. This time of morning, thinking too much about that might break my brain.
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Whale fluke

Long day.

It was a long day. And a day where venting was needed and committed. (Silly work stuff. You'd understand without my spelling it out.)

Thank goodness I came home to a laugh (thank you, E-mail Correspondance Person Who Shall Remain Anonymous) and soup. First real "soup night" in a long time; I wish I'd had makings for lentil soup. Fall fell today, along with drizzle.

This entry isn't made up of flowin' prose. I'm tired. I'll close it now; I have editing to do (to keep a promise to blubeagle). So. Bye now. More later...