September 21st, 2006

Whale fluke

Wow, ANYTHING can be a ringtone

More silliness: on the bus home last night, someone's cell phone went off, playing the "Bring out your dead!" sketch from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Played about 10 seconds of it, to the amusement of several of us, up to the "Eh'yah, he says he's not dead"...
Whale fluke

Portrait of the Chris as a high-schooler

Re-posted from a comment I made on this entry, where shadesong laments the initial difficulties in getting her junior-high daughter's homework organized:

"This whole thread is making me flash on how I tracked homework back in high school. All my assignments got written into a little pocket-sized memo book (just prompts and reminders: the more detailed what-to-dos were in each class's particular binder). I COVERED every writeable surface on that memo book's cardboard backing, not stickers (I'm not A) a girl or B) girly!) but quotes from all sorts of movies, TV programs, songs, Monty Python stuff, whatever. So: another reason to look at the homework list! I could get little in-joke chuckles (one of the lines was "They suffer from paranoid schizophrenia!," which is totally out of context from Strange Brew).

I've long been very word-oriented, more than visual-oriented. I can decorate with sentences. I did so there, and that maaaaaaaaaay have helped me focus on keeping good track of all that homework.

I'm not sure how much of a point this had, but I was in the mood to ramble."