September 22nd, 2006

Whale fluke

Just sick enough... be going "No, I'm not going into work. Yet."

Now I wait to see if I should drop the "Yet."

I'm not too bad yet (certainly not like I was then or then or then), but first sign was my sore throat and second sign was a somewhat unsettled stomach. I'm worried I'll feel worse if I go in (especially considering how aggressively air-conditioned my office is), so.

If I get into disgusting details, I'll at least try to make them funny.
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    sick not quite THIS sick, but sick
Whale fluke

Back to life; back to reality

Thank you, guys, for the good thoughts earlier. I've rested, and rested, and rested, and now I've showered and dressed, because I feel MUCH better.

I had to argue with myself this morning about taking a sick day: I'm sick, but not THAT sick, so I could tough it out...No! I'll get worse! Or I'll give crud to someone! This tells you how rarely I take sick days.


I'm feeling human again. I also need some groceries. I also also have a craving. So I'm going out driving, to get groceries, yes, but before that, there's a Krispy Kreme drive-thru. Yes, it's that kind of craving.

(This had better not be the entry written before a horrific car accident that leaves me flensed or without eyeballs or something else horrible. But man, it kind of reads like one, doesn't it? Famous last words and all that...)
Whale fluke

Another accident-free trip!

It's good my last entry made me hyper-aware of car stuff (oh yeah, I'm back from errands), 'cause when I went out to my car I noticed a tire was low on air. Ah, blow-outs could contribute to crashes and smashes, yes? So I first stopped at the nearest gas station and got that tire properly inflated, plus a little air for the other tires, which were in much better shape, and THEN I ran errands:
* I recharged my phone card at Wal-Mart, the one thing I regularly buy there.
* I got my groceries and my TriMet pass for next month.
* I drove past Reed College and enjoyed the sight of college hotties.
* And, yes, I got Krispy Kremes. Yes, I have a sweet tooth.
I hit the wall, figuratively speaking, while at the Woodstock Safeway; my day caught up with me. I hope no one thought I was drugged (I wasn't!); I thanked them for patience as I did things a little more slowly.

Goal: No more exertion tonight, beyond doing laundry...