September 24th, 2006

Whale fluke

It rocks to walk

Continuing my exciting recovery-from-the-sick adventures, I went walking yesterday in really nice, close-to-perfect walking weather. It turned into a five-hour excursion (mostly on foot, sometimes on bus) through downtown and slightly into the West Hills, where I got a view of Mt. Adams, which is hard to see from most of Portland. I had three "shameless consumer" moments during the trip:
* My first stop was at a Coffee People to get a Mexican Hot Chocolate, as Starbucks has swallowed up Coffee People so that soon I won't be able to get that particular Mexican Hot Chocolate. Get 'em while they're hot!
* I later indulged myself with purchases of Mallrats (the one with "The version that should never have been") on DVD and, finally, my own copy of the original Meatloaf: Bat Out of Hell (with two live tracks added to add to the overdramaticness).
* I had dinner for the first time at Panda Express, the Chinese food place Dawn and her husband Patrick refer to as "Crack Panda." I understand now, Dr. Chandra...
Otherwise, I suppressed my spending-money-on-toys-and-food impulses.

Stayed up too late laughing at snippets of Mallrats, then crashed into sleep. Hours, uninterrupted.

To work early tomorrow: Not only do I want to start catching up after my sick day, but I want to be home in time to watch the Saints game!
Whale fluke

Yes, TV can bring joy

I've been flipping between a good game between the Seattle Seahawks and the New York Giants and The Discovery Channel's Myth Busters marathon.

I've seen a cement mixer truck blown up, I've seen a cherry-picker turned into a catapult, and I've seen a video tape exploded by a circular saw. Life is good.
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