September 28th, 2006

Whale fluke

The wonderful world of 100%

I feel recovered.

I wonder how much of Monday's and Tuesday morning's No-Feel-Good (Inc.) came from stress. I think at least part. I know a little bit about what stress can do to the body; I still remember a really bad stress day back in spring '97 (relationship stress; yeah, that kind of stress, where it's tied up in a problem with someone you love) where I actually started having trouble breathing, which was scary on top of everything else.

And I keep my stress very internalized, to the point in my teens when my mom suggested primal scream therapy, or at least going somewhere isolated and yelling. Sometimes I actually wonder what I'd be like if I showed stress more showily: you know, throwing stuff, breaking things, behavior like that. (Gee, is that why I'm fond of the Incredible Hulk?) But then I'd be making myself cringe on top of being stressed, and that'd be worse...

So. I think now that A) I'm over my illness and B) I'm over myself. I can laugh about this stuff now. Thanks for your concern, ever since Friday; it's helped.