October 22nd, 2006

Whale fluke

Lazy Sunday?

I didn't do any of the photo stuff yesterday, and now I'm not sure if I'm going to do any of it today. I think part of me was saying, "Dude. this is a 3- or 4-day project, minimum!" so I was inhibited from starting...or maybe I was just more in the mood to laze around. Still, it's been nice treating Mom and Dad's Dundee place as kind of a vacation house. I'll stay long enough to watch the Seahawks on the folks' hella-big TV (not quite "Frank's 2000-inch TV," but substantial) then head home.

Maybe the Dundee Farmer's Market is still on; I'll go over midday and check [Edited to Add: I checked online. It ran through last month. So, no side trip.]. The husband of my former company supervisor (as opposed to the OHSU supervisors I report to on-site) helps to run the market, so I might run into one or both of them. If, course, it's still running into the fall.

Last night I didn't watch the library DVD of Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai because it refused to play properly, so I watched the extras disc for The Incredibles. Wow; I already boggled at how much work and anal-retentiveness is needed to make an animated movie. Now I boggle more boggling-ly (a seamstress brought in to help the animators simulate fabric?). And Samuel L. Jackson's rave-out on the "Mr. Incredible and Pals" extra is still priceless ("Oh, I get caught! The black superhero gets caught! Oh, I'm sorry: the tan superhero gets caught!").
Whale fluke

Yes. It was.

Relaxing, this day was, even with cringing through the Seahawks loss and poor Matt Hasselbeck getting injured by pure stupid not-his-fault-just-in-the-wrong-place-at- the-wrong-time accident (don't worry, no pictures at the link, and even if there were, this wasn't a Joe Theissman-type injury). Man, I was feeling for him. Good that he could walk off.

This weekend I let myself not do photo-organizing, and instead I mainly relaxed. I did a very thorough job of laundry (four loads). I also watched both discs of The Incredibles. I inadvertantly visited with my Uncle Greg twice (when he picked up and then dropped off Dad's pickup truck), and my Aunt Peg once (she was with him when they returned the truck; follow me?). They let me know my cousin Jeff is moving from Portland to New York City, where he has a bank job waiting. From championship high school 2A basketball player (Dayton High, Oregon, 2001) to bank employee; interesting progression for the big guy...

Not much other excitement. Relaxing is my continued plan.