October 28th, 2006

Whale fluke

Until I feel like sharing again...

...I'll bring you more sources of Six-Word Short Stories! (the writing sensation that's sweeping the nation, y0...)

After he was reminded of Wired magazine's "six-word short stories" collection, Portland's Mike Russell was kind enough to link me to two of his experiences with 6wss*'s:

Here's his guest comic for Scary Go Round. (greyaenigma dug this out also.)

And here's the collection he gathered of Six-Word Firefly/Serenity stories.

(Edited to Add: Hot damn! Here's Russell's "Revenge of the Sith six-word stories"! Scroll down to see 'em...)

* "6wss": Should that be pronounced "Six-wuh-suhs"?

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