November 1st, 2006

Whale fluke

I've got happy feet!

Mike Russell interviews Australian director George Miller (who made both the Babe films and The Road Warrior) about his new animated film Happy Feet. Happy Feet looks utterly adorable. (Check some of the stills. You'll go "awwww." You will.) And it inspired a song by Prince!

Also, it turns out Happy Feet features a vocal cameo by (among other prominent Aussies) Steve Irwin, as a leopard seal. We'll get one more dose of Irwin...
Whale fluke

Adventures in Disposal


I'm thorough about disposing of old receipts, bank records, credit card info, that sort of stuff. So last night I clipped my bank account number from old deposit slips I wasn't going to use, and put the slivers in the little can where I collect bacon grease. I had bacon this morning, and made a special point of pouring the new grease onto the paper slips in the can. Now they'll be entombed like flies in amber. Greasy, delicious amber.

Right now yendi is reading this and thinking "Yeah, like anyone needs an excuse to eat bacon..."
Whale fluke

A (sort of) birthday present

We were going to have a conference call today at 1:00. It's been pushed back to Friday.

Honestly, I didn't really feel up to a meeting today. So this is good.

Edited To Add: Y'know, here's a friends-locked entry, which is rare for me. If you were, mmm, in any kind of a mood to send me anything you wanted to be a little more private, I certainly wouldn't object... ;-)

Day-Of-Unlocking Edit (7/27/08): Oh well, I asked. Now to see what else to unlock...