November 13th, 2006

Whale fluke

New Things

So a building in the neighborhood where you've lived for four years shouldn't surprise you, by, say, looking like it wasn't there the week before but is there now...right?

See the thing is, I left for work this morning and thought the northwest corner of S.E. Milwaukie and Boise didn't look right: I didn't recognize the apartment building there. Yes, trees in front of it had shed many leaves, but that wasn't a huge difference (they aren't huge trees), and that retaining wall doesn't look right and the parking lot doesn't look right...

Could I seriously have never looked closely at that corner the entire time I've lived less than two blocks away of it?

I boggle.

But hey, I'll accept it as a new thing. I've seen several new things lately. Like Sunday when I paid a visit to my folks (the first time I've seen them since maybe late August or early September) and Dad had to point out to me that he'd shaved off his moustache. His lack of moustache didn't register on me! He's had a moustache the entire time I've been alive and then some. I think I was picturing him as I'm used to seeing him. And actually he doesn't look that much different without the moustache; he is one of those guys who never looks totally clean-shaven, anyway...

Oh, and another neat new thing: at lunch today I happened to see a test run of those tram cars I've been telling you about. I went out on the balcony of OHSU's new hospital building, next to the tram station tower, and saw the southside car move the last several hundred feet to its upper berth while the northside car make the last leg of its descent to the lower station on South Waterfront. This is looking more work-y. I'm looking forward to riding it.

OK. Next new thing: Dinner...
Whale fluke

"The Iron Giant"

I can admit that earlier tonight I ran into the finale of The Iron Giant (1999) on Cartoon Network and teared up. Oh man, I was air-conducting that particular Michael Kamen cue when the robot tells Hogarth, "No...following..." and then does what it has to do.

That said, a little before that I changed channels briefly to get around one moment that's always kind of bothered me: Collapse ) But still, oh man, good film.