November 25th, 2006

Whale fluke

Thanksgiving Do-over

We Walshes had a second Thanksgiving last night. And it was good, too.

We had more family this time: yesterday afternoon Mike and Nancy tried again to flee leave Olympia, and that time the traffic kept moving, so at about 5 they arrived. The rest of the eaters were already here, leftovers ensconsed in the fridge, and downstairs having watched the UO-OSU football game -- much more of a squeaker than the Civil War's often been (as in "Aaarrgh! The Ducks came that close to winning! They could have won! Argh!") -- and kept warm. Mom and Dad have one of those gas-powered, flip-a-switch-and-you've-got-fire fireplaces, so the heat's very convenient in the basement. Dad came upstairs at one point and said "We have different climates going on," because the overall heat was set for a usual Friday where Mom and Dad are both gone. We warmed up the upstairs in time for dinner, which was an even more varied spread of food, what with Mike and Nancy's creations. It was a good time. I'm lucky, family-wise; I like all of them. (I'm not even going to be a smart-ass and go, "Well, except for...", 'cause I wouldn't mean it.)

I'll head home sometime today, after doing laundry, a little final homework (yes, I brought work-related stuff I can do on-line) and some more visiting with the familiars. Mike's off with my Dad to the exercise place Dad goes to; he should be worked up and perkier when we see him next! Mike could've pulled off a Karloff-as-Frankenstein's-Monster imitation this morning.

And by the way, I was kidding about the Cheetos.