November 29th, 2006

Whale fluke

This calls for Zim

Still on my Invader Zim kick. ( much so that I'm avoiding borrowing any more of Jhonen Vasquez's comic work from the library at the moment because the combo of his kids' stuff on Zim and the, ahem, non-kids' stuff of Squee! and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac is, um, all sorts of flavors of wrong.) Roared repeatedly last night at Back Seat Drivers From Beyond the Stars, especially the video game references, what happens with the "big head" running joke, Zim's taunts, and the fate of the Resisty ship.

And the "meet the production crew" featurette (on the Vol. 3 DVD) reminded me it's still possible to laugh my face red at the Mars-versus-Earth gags from Battle of the Planets.

Oh, Jhonen and Crew, you beautiful, beautiful people (oh, and the pink-haired girl from Megadoomer or Battery Girl from Game Slave are beautiful, too...mmm, hot lady Goths)...