December 1st, 2006

Whale fluke

Gettin' down

"And what does that give you?" "OPTIONS!" -- from the movie Miracle

I like having options for getting home. Tonight after work I rode off the hill in the OHSU shuttle again, happy to find there are individual lights above the seats so I could have enough light to read (Lisey's Story, Stephen King), and when I walked up from the South Waterfront to the Ross Island Bridge I decided "why not?" and took the bridge sidewalk. That was part of a good, long walk.

I was the only pedestrian, and no bicyclists rode on that sidewalk during the time I took to cross (I'd catch quick looks backward to make sure no one was coming up behind me). Reminder I was surprised to get: bridges can be lonely places; the only people near you are passing at 40 miles per hour. I almost shuddered at that thought.

Whale fluke

Music to soothe the savage breast

(Savage Breast, meet Music. Music? You know what to do...)

Time for something lighter:

As various people I know have done, I'll reveal the year I turned 18 (Nov. 1, 1991), list the 75 most popular songs of that year (as grabbed from the year lists on Pop Culture Madness Dot Com), and BOLD the songs I like and STRIKE OUT those I don't. I'll leave untouched those I'm indifferent to. (And I'll add ?s next to songs that ring no bells at all.)

I have comments, so I'll make 'em. And I spotted spelling errors in the list, so I'll correct those. (A copy editor am I...)

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